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Christine S.

David was the seller’s agent for a condo I bought in July of 2013. Because I saw a hard-working, unflappable, professional who showed respect for all, I hired him to sell my home. He took great care to price my home correctly, even taking me along to several open houses in my neighborhood until we agreed on the best price. He solicited the help of a very competent colleague, Yael, who had more experience in my town, and lived nearby, which made making appointments quicker. I listened to their well-informed advice during the staging and negotiating portions of the sale. It worked! My home sold in August of 2013 in a sluggish market with lots of competition. So thank you, David and Yael.

Bryan C.

David has been my real estate agent since 2011. As an out-of-state Landlord, I needed dependable individual to look over my investment, and David was that guy. I often depend on David when looking for reputable tenants and dealing with ad-hoc issues with tenants or building management. He has a great repoire with my tenants, building residents, and management. He remains tactful and respectful when dealing with difficult situations, such as a recent attempt to break lease. He has been my eyes and ears in Annapolis, and he is as reliable as they come. I look forward to continue working with him.

Cathy L.

I am a litigator on real estate issues in Maryland. Prior to law school I sold real estate for ten years and also worked as a loan officer and settlement officer. Not only did I find David to be extremely professional and honest but I had a blast with him!!!! Choose no other in the area.

Larry K.

With the real estate market deep into the doldrums, my wife and I were anxious to sell our house; we, at this time had a contract for a new condominium in Annapolis, and settlement time was approaching rapidly. The agent we had secured, not David, was a more passive personality, and for over a year the crush of buyers and lookers we kept looking for never arrived. We wondered and fretted until someone recommended David Yee. We were told of his accomplishments during this SLOW time, some hard to really believe; but we called and met with him, very quickly after our call. We discussed costs, our budget, our goals and signed on with him. Well, he explained how his plan of negotiating would work, and work it did! We were able to sell our existing home and settle on our new home here in Annapolis. In the process there were meetings with the county and the builder and several of the contractors needed to satisfy both our purchaser and the seller. In addition to all that he did with his professional duties, David became a friend who helped with the mundane; things like boxes, packing advice and always being around to lend a hand. It has been over 3 years now, and whenever I see David, always with a smile and pleasantry, i know he is busy, and more than likely helping and working with some other fortunate clients, just as I did…

Nellie V.

My husband and I were first-time homebuyers without a buyer’s agent to guide us when we began our home search. We were fortunate enough to meet David in the sales office of our development earlier this year. He was professional, knowledgeable, honest, and genuine: so much so that we felt comfortable contracting on our home without a buyer’s agent. He answered all of our questions and provided us with all the advice necessary to make educated decisions throughout each step of the process. We are endlessly grateful for his hard work on our behalf. We highly recommend him.

Jennifer G.

I consider myself fortunate! David Yee sold me my condo and sold my condo. There is only one reason for this. He goes over and beyond the call of duty. He was sensitive to my needs, answered all of my questions and amicably worked with me and the buyer to insure a smooth transition. Would I use David again to buy or sell my real estate? Absolutely!

Troy G.

*** EXCEPTIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT WITH EXTRAORDINARY INITIATIVE*** David Yee has been a true professional from the moment we met him to discuss building our new home. He was a strong advocate for us during the building process and a valuable resource in placing our townhouse on the market as a rental property. David has always been available to answer any questions we have and keeping us up to date on the current market in case we decide to sell our townhome. It has been a privilege to work with him during the last two years!